floyd’s “big news”

My morning routine was moving along perfectly normal this morning – turn on espresso machine, push button on grinder, log in to Twitter and Facebook and spend 2 minutes perusing to see if anything truly interesting happened while waiting to brew my Chain Breaker espresso.  Generally, not much happens – a random picture here, a one-liner that brings a smile to my face.  However, this morning was different.   Sometime after midnight CST, Floyd Landis came out and boldly stated that he is “Planning something for 2010 that will change the cycling world forever!”

Floyd being known to imbibe and partake in an adult beverage or two as frequently reported by Neil Browne and others, I wondered if this was simply the ranting after having sampled a few of the wise men.  To see what other rumors about Floyd were out there, I quickly scanned other cycling media interwebs and found only one current mention – that Floyd is on the verge of signing with Rock Racing.  The team where bad boys go to die…or at least hang on for a season or two because nobody else in their right mind would sign these people.

The story is that Floyd has a contract with Rock pending on Rock Racing receiving their Professional Continental License.  Rock’s initial application was denied, not surprisingly when the answers to the team’s doping control measures were rumored to be “we source our CERA from only the finest sources” and “each team member is provided their own home centrifuge and transfusion kit to eliminate contamination.”

I’m sincerely hoping Floyd has bigger news on the horizon.  Despite Floyd’s disappointing season last year, I believe cycling fans overall were happy to see him return to racing on the scale that he did.  I’m hoping the news is something humanitarian, something to further the cycling culture in the US, at least something biodegradable.  While Ball’s initial bold, big budget, big impact entry was a needed and exciting shock, largely to the domestic scene, the novelty factor wore off as quickly as the market for premium jeans did last year.

On behalf of cycling fans everywhere, please Floyd, don’t come out and grandstand like your new boss.  Don’t have your cycling-world-changing-news be your announcement to Rock Racing.  If it is, take one of two courses of action.  Choice A – delete tweet and send a new one saying “cool 2010 news coming soon.” Choice B – announce that you’ll be the first professional racer to have chamois surgically attached and that you’re going to have the design of the Rock Racing kit tattooed.  That would be news.


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