Ciclirati Really Limited Edition T-Shirts and Monthly T-shirt design contest

In cycling, quality over quantity is a good general rule.  Actually, it’s a good rule in most of this crazy little thing called Life.  For the Ciclirati (that means you – those educated in the ways of cycling, if you’re reading this and not some web-bot scanning the page), you also know that cyclists are a fairly creative bunch.

Each month, Ciclirati will produce one new design of a Really Limited Edition t-shirt.  The first shirt is the one shown within this article.  There will only ever be 50 of each shirt printed EVER. When they’re gone, they’re gone.  Each shirt will include a hang tag that denotes the month and the x/50 number of your shirt.  Of course, if you’re doing a limited edition, you need to use some of the best shirts made to print on.  The shirts are made of a 5.0 oz preshrunk 100% Certified Organic Cotton for the best look, fit and feel.

Here is where your creativity comes in.  I want your designs, I know you’ve got them – if not on your computer, in your head.  The guidelines are pretty simple – it has to be original artwork, it has to be cycling sport related – and by cycling I mean road, cyclocross and mountain biking…and by mountain biking I mean not downhill or big air.  The design can, but does not require the Ciclirati logo to be used in it (any shirts not integrating the word or logo will have a small single color Ciclirati logo placed separately on a sleeve or lower seam.  Other than that and the limitations of what can be printed on a shirt, the world is your design oyster.  But, as I mentioned, we’re only doing one new design a month – so there is a contest to see what shirt gets made.

How you enter:

1)      Download the PSD template kit here.

2)      Design away.  Feel free to integrate the Ciclirati name in any shape or fashion within your design – but it isn’t required and doesn’t get you bonus points.  Limit to a 4 color print, please.  No gradients or transparencies.

3)      Activate/Make Visible/Utilize one of the color layers as the color for your shirt.

4)      Place your design in the group “Your Design” – use as many layers as you need to.

5)      Save as a GIF, JPEG or PNG and email to the address listed on the template sheet

6)      Save the PSD file.  If you’re a winner, I’ll need it.

Why you enter:

The monthly contest winner will receive $100 cash and 1 of the t-shirts.  That’s right, I didn’t say all 50 would go on sale…50 will be made – with one already gone before they’re up for sale.  If I come across a famous cyclist or otherworldly attractive person, the number could be even lower.

You are not limited by any number of entries.  You can enter with as many different designs as you wish.  Any entry that is not a winner will be emailed to request if you wish to enter the same design in the following month’s contest.

When you enter:

Entries for any given month will be accepted until the 24th of each month.  From the 25th of each month to the 4th of the following month, the Ciclirati (that means you, the cycling educated fans) will get to vote on a favorite design.  On the 5th, the winner will be announced and the shirts will go on sale.  Once the 49 (or less) shirts are sold, they’re gone.  Delivery of all orders will be approximately 2 weeks.

I’m not trying to create a t-shirt empire.  I want to create some of the best looking, best fitting, best quality cycling t-shirts ever designed.  I’m hoping they become highly sought treasured garments that you get really mad if your girlfriend steals them, because you can’t replace it.  I’m hoping people go “damn…this shirt is sweet.”

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